Best New Techy Golf Products for 2021

Best New Techy Golf Products for 2021

With that in mind, we searched far and wide—using our intrepid internet skills—to find the latest golf toys we think will make a great addition to your game. It goes without saying that we offer absolutely no guarantee that any of these will improve your score or impress your friends.  But hey, you’ll at least look like the cool kid with these in your bag, in your pocket or attached to your clubs. And if they shave a few shots off your score? Bonus!

Here’s our list of 5 new golf products we think you’ll enjoy taking for a test drive.

 Arccos Caddie Smart SensorSeveral manufacturers make a similar product, but the Arccos version has played favorably so far among reviewers. In simplest terms, you attach a small sensor to the heel of each club grip in your bag (there is a version of the product which allows you to change to new grips which have the sensor already embedded).  You download the Arccos app to your phone, which receives GPS data from each club on how far you hit them, fairways and greens hit in regulation, your average drive length and more. The app will offer club selection choices based on your past performance and distance from the hole. The Arccos product has been praised for its accuracy, although you do have to keep your smart phone in your pocket while you play, and the sensors add a slight bit of length to your clubs. But the technology works and can be a valuable tool that provides you with solid data to help improve your game.

TaylorMade Spider Interactive Putter—This course-legal putter uses similar technology to the smart sensor, but it’s already built into  the club when you buy it. Also utilizing a smartphone app, the Spider captures 11 real time data points such as back stroke, forward stroke and tempo to provide you with a detailed analysis of your putting mechanics. Using that data, the system then develops a tutorial to map out a game plan to improve your putting. If this part of the game is a source of continual confoundment for you, this putter just might be what you’ve been looking for.


Sound Caddy Golf Club Bluetooth Speaker andPower Bank—Without question, this is one of the more clever devices to come on the market in a while. The speaker shaped like the head of a driver or fairway wood and attached to a club shaft, allowing it to sit in your golf bag with the rest of your clubs. The speaker connects to your device using Bluetooth, allowing you to play music or take phone calls on the course. We realize music and phone calls on the course are taboo for some folks, but more and more golfers are mixing in some tunes with their round. The smart people who invented this speaker also thought to include 2 USB ports that will keep your devices powered up throughout your round.


Pro Path Putting Mirror—This nifty gizmo is just what it says it is—a mirror. But it’s way more than that. The Pro Path Putting Mirror from Back 2 Basics Golf is outfitted with a series of alignment stripes that represent a 15-degree putting arc. Because it’s a mirror, you can also use another line to be certain your shoulders are square to your putting line; literally, you see your shoulders in the mirror as you stand over your putt. By ensuring your shoulder alignment and allowing the putting arc lines to guide your stroke, you give your putting game a huge shot in the arm. The mirror also comes with four staggered putting gates you can place along your line to further enhance your accuracy. After winning the 2020 Sony Open, Cameron Smith gave this device credit for the win, saying it had brought a new level of consistency to his putting game. If it’s good enough for a PGA Tour winner, we have
to believe it’s good enough for you.



Golf Buddy Voice 2 GPS—Simple to use and easy to keep up with on the course, the Golf Buddy Voice 2 GPS takes the guess work out of your game. About the size of a digital watch—you can get a wristband and wear it as one if you want—Golf Buddy 2 gives you distances to the front, center and back of the green, either by audio or the unit’s digital display. It also measures your shot, gives you a visual of the green and see the angle of your approach shot. The device comes pre-loaded with layouts of more than 38,000 courses worldwide, so chances are, the Golf Buddy 2 will help you out no matter where you’re teeing it up.

2020 has been a wild, wacky year! For us, that’s reason enough for you to treat yourself to items like these that will make you a better player, improve your strategy, and make golf more fun. Enjoy!


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